Who We Serve

Stopping Family Violence serves the Western Australian community to increase the safety of women and children through strengths-based, child-centred, family and domestic violence-informed practice. Stopping Family Violence was founded on the vision that everyone has a right to live without the fear or threat of violence. This is the core value that is central to all of the work Stopping Family Violence undertakes.


Our work in advocacy, research, training and policy is done to improve the lives and safety of current and future generations of women and children by focusing on perpetrators and breaking the cycle of violence. Preventing violence against women and children makes our communities safer and healthier. Stopping Family Violence acknowledges the significant impact of family, domestic and sexual violence on the safety and well-being of adults, children and young people. We recognise their courage, hope and determination to live fulfilling lives free from violence.

Please see our activities and impact for further information about our work.