About us

Everyone deserves to live
without fear of violence!

Stopping Family Violence Inc. (SFV) was formed in 2016, on the belief that everyone deserves to live without fear of violence. SFV works to raise awareness of Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) and change perceptions. Through research, pilot programs, community engagement and advocacy, we do our best to drive the social change needed to end this epidemic.

For us, it is vital that all responses to FDV aim to enhance safety and reduce risk for those experiencing it. It is only through changing men’s behaviour that we can hope to end FDV.

We want to help drive this social change by increasing the community’s awareness and understanding that ending FDV is everyone’s responsibility. Stopping FDV requires the whole community to work together and through this unity, men can change and families can be safe now and for all the generations that follow.

Who are we?

Stopping Family Violence (SFV) is the peak body, non-for profit organisation in Western Australia developed in order to support all the sectors and services involved responding to perpetrators of Family and Domestic Violence (FDV). We differ from traditional peak bodies in the sense that we do not represent a specific sector, and instead focus on an area of practice. This enables us to maintain an independent and unbiased position in the work of perpetrator response.


Our purpose is to work in partnership with other organisations (such as women’s and children’s services and perpetrator intervention programs) to put an end to family and domestic violence and create a better future for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

How do we do this?
Our People

Meet the people behind
Stopping Family Violence

SFV Team

Working together with a range of skills and expertise to make a change in the sector. 

SFV Board

Providing governance and strategic guidance to Stopping Family Violence.